Have you ever had that feeling of being so scared to try something new, that you want to give up on it? Even if that’s something ecxiting? Even if you know that’s going to be a good experience for you and your career? Has it felt as if your brain’s working on its edge and your thoughts are too chaotic?

i have and I do now! Tomorrow I’m going to be talking to my potential future boss and for some stupid reason I’m scared. No, I’m not scared of the woman with whom I’m going to talk (I’ve spoken with her before and she seemed quite nice), I’m scared of the job itself!

I’ve been offered a job as a teacher, but never in a million years I could’ve imagined myself being a teacher! What if I do something wrong? What if I say something stupid unintentionally? I mean, I realize that it sounds too dramatic especially when I’m about to teach how to sing, but it still is scary.

You know, sometimes your imagination doesn’t match the reality, I realized it years ago, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of being on Madison Square Garden stage or receiving Grammy. It’s like in a Jessie J’s song “Sometimes dream come true”.

When I was little, I sing in my hairbrush all day long
Dressed up with lipstick, I’d mime and dance to a Whitney-song, yeah
I watched the Grammy’s
Imagine them calling out my name
Dreaming I was famous,
Like me and Prince on Purple Rain

But I understand that nothing in this world is given on a silver platter and I won’t become a worldwide singer over the night. So whilst I’m trying to get there, I need to work somewhere else, which means that I have to take that teaching job even if I have zero experience in teaching. I guess I’ll have to work out the best ways to teach someone by making few mistakes on the road.

i just hope that I’m not alone who’s feeling like that! I wanna wish everyone who’s feeling what I do right now GOOD LUCK! We’re  going to get there and everything’s going to be ok, it’s just the first step that’s scary!

See you next time! xo


2 thoughts on “New things

  1. I tend to believe that you never know until you try! So go girl and try new things! Who knows, maybe you’ll love it after all?!


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