When dealing with critics always remember this: Critics judge things based on what is outside of their content of understanding.
― Shannon L. Alder

It’s so strange how words can affect us. When I was younger I wondered why negative comments can get to me? And even when you get tons of lovely words, you still stuck thinking about negative. Why does it work like that?

Lately I started remembering how people would judge me by the way I look, for what I loved (my love for music) or even my nationality and I still don’t understand why? I don’t understand why I never judged someone for any of those reasons and someone thought that they have the right to say that to me?

I remember my classmates looks and their phrases:”Why do you even bother to study music? You don’t have time to go out and have fun!”. Sometimes I could agree with it, but since I was little it was obvious for me that I cannot give up until I finished what I’ve started. And why would I even give up music school just because there was no time to go out? But for my classmates it was a huge deal. I remember how almost everyone (relatives and classmates) were telling me that I was making a huge mistake deciding to continue studying music at the university. They tend to believe that artists are less important and not even a “real profession” but just a hobby, and that it would be more beneficial for me to study economics, law, or medicine, otherwise I’m not gonna succeed in life (note that I have nothing against those professions). I remember arguing with some of my classmates because they were pissed off that our head teacher asked me to sing a song at our graduation. For them it was a crime if my voice would raise over theirs when we sang together. I literally had a moment when one of the girls closed my mouth with a hand so I couldn’t sing! How is it even normal?! I never even wanted to “shine bright like a diamond” when I was at school! I knew where’s stage and where’s school. But even worse than my classmates were some of my relatives who still to this moment ask: “But what are you going to do with singing in the future? It’s impossible to get there, to be on those big stages!”. Well, yeah, thanks for your support, it’s definitely helpful and reassuring! All I want in this life is to do what makes me happy! I don’t care if I’m not on a big stage, at least I’ll do my best trying to get there. I wish all those people could feel what I feel when I’m on stage, I wish some of them could just for a moment feel what it’s like to have a job of their dreams, cause they chose obvious and the easiest way instead of trying to do something different and maybe more interesting for them.

That’s just a part of what I hate about judging. I didn’t even start talking about judging someone’s body. That would be a separate post, but god knows I have so much to say about it!

I honestly regret nothing about going to 2 schools almost every day and having no time to go out. That shaped me to become a person I am today. I have a privilege to do what love, to sing. I don’t do it just for myself, I want to make people a bit happier or sometimes help them through songs. I wish everyone had that privilege, honestly it’s the best thing in the world!

See you next time!


One thought on “Think before you speak!

  1. I guess the most important is what you think about yourself and what you’re interested to do in life. because after all, you’re the only one living it. best thing to do is to ignore all the negativity, it should never bring you down, but you already know that!

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