Wow! It’s been so long since I last posted here!

I felt so good about starting this blog, cause it was a little space I created so I could write about things I wanted to talk about, to maybe share with someone, to have a diary for myself….but suddenly I felt so uninspired, I would say that I was a bit lost. It just didn’t feel right for some reason. I don’t think I’ve EVER felt like this in my life. So frustrating!

I regreted probably every decision I’ve made after finishing uni. I let myself feel down and even feel sorry for myself and I’m never like this!

So from now on I’m not letting any obstacles get in a way. I have to press that play button to switch from pause because there’s nothing good in living with the feeling like you’re not moving. We learn from mistakes right? Let’s learn then! I’m feeling positive about the future!

This post isn’t that long but I think that for now it’s enough.

Let’s just hope that I’ll be here in a few days time 🙂

See you next time! xo


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