Everyone rises, everyone falls
Everyone spends some nights alone
Rich or for poor
I’m always yours
You never left me on my own

Tell me who, who would I be without you?
No matter how much we lose
Every time I bet my life on you

These lyrics are a perfect description of how I feel about music.

Music creates moments. It connects people around the world. It doesn’t matter in which language a song is, cause music is an international language, you can always get what a song is about. We are surrounded by different sounds. Sometimes you wouldn’t think of these sounds as a music, but if you’d focus, maybe then you’ll hear.
We like to listen to the music when we’re going to school/college/work. But do we ever think that a place and a song can be linked? Have you ever tried to read whilst listening to a song? It may not be the best idea for someone to listen to the music, when you trying to concentrate on reading, but it works for me. It is just a soundtrack to a book, just like they do for the movies. There are lots of songs which remind me of a certain book, or a certain character, and I love that feeling. Moments like that create memory.
For me, music is more than just a word. I eat, sleep, breathe music. I don’t remember a day, when I haven’t thought about it. If you would ever get to stay with me for a day, or even for a few hours, you’ll probably hear me singing without even realizing that. I can not and don’t want to change it, it is way too natural for me to sing all the time.
If you like different kinds of music, well I think we are on the same road. There is way to many different genres and styles to just choose one, that would’ve been boring (at least for me).
I appreciate anything from classical instrumental music to different contemporary genres. When it comes to singing I prefer blues, soul, r’n’b, pop and gospel. Even my final project at uni was on spirituals and gospels. I guess I have to thank movies  like “Sister Act” and “Sister Act 2:Back in the habit” for making me love that kind of music. I was little, maybe 10, when I watched the second part and I still remember the moment when Tanya Blunt and Lauryn Hill sang “His eye is on the sparrow” and I had goosebumps and even a bit overwhelmed! Still to this day I feel that overwhelming feeling and sometimes want to cry out of happiness because that song reminds me of my life, of what I feel towards music. “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free”. In the moment of doubt I always listen to this song and say to myself that no matter what, I will always have music as my back.

So when I heard JoJo’s song called “Music” for the first time (I used the lyrics in the beginning of this post) I had a deja vu. It’s a different story but still gives you the same feeling. I hear raw emotions, I hear hope, love and maybe even frustration blended with a beautiful voice. It may not be your average happy love song, it’s more of the sad song, but at least it’s about the true love for music. I’m a sucker for a sad song so it’s perfect haha!

I highly recommend you to listen to that song and to the whole album! I remember her song “Too little too late” and trust me that’s a whole new JoJo. She’s definitely more mature, there’s raw emotions and she’s painfully honest. And her voice! It’s way too beautiful and perfect for me to handle! I love that she uses her full range and not just one part of it like many other artists do, that shows versitality of her voice.

Here’s some of the links where you can find her album and herself:



See you next time! xo


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