Why am I not surprised that I haven’t posted anything for what feels like a million years? But I’m not even going to try to find an excuse for that. It’s not as easy as it seems.

I didn’t want to write diary/story time type of posts for a while, but whilst I was studying (I’m a part time student so I had 2,5 weeks of studying) few things happened. In this post I’ll talk about one particular situation and person.

Once again I’ve learned that you have to be very careful with choosing people who’s going to be in your circle of friends. At uni I have a small group of girls I’m friends with, but with one of them I never really felt a connection. I mean, I can be friendly with her, we shared lots of good memories, laughter and all, but something was missing.

I’m one of those people who always more than happy to help someone at any question. But there has to be some kind of a limit. Clearly that girl hadn’t, which is sad… cause stepping into a new chapter of education (let’s call it like that) I decided that after almost 4 years of constantly helping one person with things she could do herself, that’s it. I’m only helping myself and to other girls who rarely ask for any help, because they know that it’s their task to do something and they need it at the end, not me. And I know that in return they would always help me without a doubt, but that girl would rather die than do something for someone else.

When you don’t come to any of the classes in 2,5 weeks term, you have to understand that there can be consequences. Okay, I understand that you can’t predict when you’re going to get ill, but you know everything you have to do to finish the term, especially when you just have to sit in front of a computer for like 5-10 min, what’s the problem then? Oh, yeah, because then you won’t be able to call me names for not even saying “yes” or “no”, you prefer to create a drama, texting our mutual friend saying how awful I am and all. When my friend sent those messages to me, I was in a shock for the next few days. No, I was mad, not in shock. All of my other friends are pissed with her too, cause everyone knew that I was the only stupid one, who would help her. No more though. Nothing in this world comes on a silver platter, learn to be self-dependent.

Few days later when I saw her, I pretended that I didn’t know about anything she said to my friend and fear not, she was acting as if nothing happened. Girl’s going to learn a hard way that you don’t say what she said about me without consequences. It’s so hard to really piss me off, but she did a good job, so we’ll see who’s going to laugh next January.

When I first heard JoJo’s song called “F.A.B.”, I knew that at some point in my life that’s going to be like a hymn, but who knew it’ll be that fast! 😂🙈 Just take a listen of that song if you’re in the same situation as me right now.

Don’t let anyone use you! If you’re someone, like me who’s rarely says no, then learn how to do it! You’re not someone’s slave or a puppy, you owe them nothing. So if you feel like someone’s pushing you to do something, don’t be shy to push them back.

See you next time! xo


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